841ER - Nickel Epoxy Paint

This is 2-part conductive epoxy paint, pigmented with highly conductive nickel flake. The cured paint is smooth and extremely durable. It is abrasion, scratch, and mar resistant. It is corrosion and chemically resistant. It adheres very strongly to metal, glass, ceramics, and most plastics.

Nickel epoxy paint can be used to provide galvanic corrosion resistance between mated surfaces. It can also provide RFI shielding or grounding in harsh environments.

We also offer nickel paint in convenient 1-part water-based or acrylic-based versions, including an aerosol format, plus a more highly conductive silver-coated copper epoxy paint for broad band electromagnetic shielding.

Features & Benefits

  • Good conductivity
  • Provides good RFI shielding
  • Extreme durability and adhesion
  • Strong solvent resistance
  • Excellent corrosion and salt fog resistance
Catalog NumberNet VolumePackaging
841ER-250ML250 mL2 Can kit
841ER-1.17L1.17 L2 Can kit
841ER-3.25L3.25 L2 Can kit


Not for Use as Architectural Coatings in Canada, California, and other States with similar VOC regulations. For Architectural Applications, use our water based conductive coatings.

Safety Data Sheet

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