Basics of Soldering

Tech Talk 5: Basics of Soldering

In this installment of our Tech Talk series, we review some of the basics of soldering including solder wire types, wire sizes, the utility of flux and flux cleaners.

UV Cure Conformal Coating

4200UV Conformal Coating

This brief video highlights some of the main features and benefits of MG 4200UV conformal coating.

Thermal Paste Application_TechTalk

Tech Talk 1: Thermal Paste Application

In this short video, we demonstrate how to properly apply a thermal grease at the cpu/heatsink interface which helps regulate the PCB temperature and prevent overheating.

Greases for Electronics Solutions

Greases for Electronics Solutions

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the use of specialty greases in modern electronics and the solutions MG Chemicals has to offer. Specifically, we’ll look at when to properly use lubricating, dielectric, thermal and electrically conductive grease for solving problems related to improving electrical and thermal conductivity, protection against moisture, corrosion...