8341 - No Clean Flux Paste

8341 is a no clean soldering flux paste. It is designed for lead free alloys, but also works well with conventional leaded solders. This tacky no clean flux paste uses a mix of rosin, thickener, and high-grade synthetically refined resin. The flux provides fast and widespread wetting during soldering and leaves non-conductive and non-tacky residues.

This solder flux paste is ideal for solder touch-ups, repairs, or reworks of surface mount assemblies.

Visit 8342 for rosin-based flux paste.

For liquid fluxes, visit 835 (rosin based), 8351(no clean halogen free), 836LFNC (lead free no clean), and 837LFWS, (lead free water soluble).

Features & Benefits

  • Soldering flux paste for electronics
  • Excellent wettability
  • Clear, non-conductive, and non-tacky residues
  • Usable for both lead free and leaded alloys
  • Meets J-STD-004B ROL1 classification
  • RoHS-compliant
Catalog NumberNet VolumeNet WeightPackaging
8341-10ML10 mL9.80 gSyringe
8341-50ML50 mL49.0 gJar

Safety Data Sheet