4140A - Flux Remover for PC Boards

4140A is a flux cleaner that cleans post solder residues quickly and conveniently. Its plastics-safe formula removes rosin, non-rosin and no clean fluxes, as well as both ionic and non-ionic residues.

4140A comes in a variety of sizes and packaging types. The flux remover pen is very effective for spot cleaning flux while repairing or prototyping electronic circuits.

For more aggressive cleaning visit our 413B flux remover.

Features & Benefits

Catalog NumberSizeFormat
4140A-P11.5 mL (0.38 fl oz)Pen
4140A-945ML945 mL (31.95 fl oz)Bottle
4140A-945MLCA945 mL (31.95 fl oz)Bottle
4140A-3.78L3.78 L (1 Gal)Jug

Safety Data Sheet