4050A - Safety Wash™ II

4050A Safety Wash II is a plastic-safe, high-purity circuit board cleaner. The flux remover solvent is a blend of high-purity isohexanes, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and ethyl acetate, able to remove both polar and non-polar contaminants.

The alcohol and organic solvent blend in this flux remover spray is strong enough to dissolve medium to heavy greases, fluxes, and other organic contaminants while remaining effective at cleaning ionic flux residues. It is an excellent choice when IPA alone is not powerful enough to dissolve heavy grease and flux contaminants.

Because 4050A is safe for most plastics, seals, and ceramics found on printed circuit boards, this circuit board cleaner is widely used in the electronics industry.

For more aggressive cleaning visit our 413B flux remover.

Features & Benefits

Catalog NumberSizes AvailableDescription
4050A-450G450G (16 oz)Aerosol

Safety Data Sheet