Our 862 Peelable Solder Mask is a synthetic latex product for temporary masking of circuit areas and contacts against solder, rosin, cleaning fluids. It provides effective protections of contacts, gold fingers, printed circuit card edges and it can be easily peeled off once the wave soldering process is done, after a subsequently applied conformal coating is sufficiently dry.

The 862 mask can be applied by hand or using by template screening, but not by silk screening. It can also be applied using robotics or pneumatics systems.

The 862 mask is compatible with most materials found on printed circuit assemblies; however, in an uncured state it is not compatible with contaminants like oil, and greasy flux residues. MG Chemicals recommends cleaning the printed circuit assembly with a suitable electronic cleaner before applying the 862 mask or other coatings. The chosen electronic cleaner should remove moisture, wax, greases, oils, and all other contaminants.


  • Withstands Wave Soldering
  • Non-Corrosive—Safe for copper, gold, silver, and solder joints
  • Solvent Solubility —Largely insoluble once cured (flux and cleaning solvent resistant)
  • Water Soluble—Can be thinned with deionized (D.I.) water to adjust viscosity
  • Immersion Resistant—insoluble once cured
  • Room Temperature Cures or Quick Heat Curing
  • Cure Monitoring Color Change—Changes from opaque pink to translucent red once cured
  • Ammonia Free—Does not discolor copper traces
Catalog Number Sizes Available Description
862-250ML 250mL (8.5 fl oz) Tube

Safety Data Sheet
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