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The 837LFWS Liquid Flux: Lead Free, Water Soluble is a neutral, water-removable soldering flux. The organic activating system in 837LFWS has a neutral ρH at room temperature and becomes activated at soldering temperature. The 837LFWS is formulated to be effective over a broad preheat range and may be used for both leaded and lead-free applications. It cleans easily with hot or cold water.

The 837LFWS is excellent for prototyping and rework/repair of printed circuit boards. It works well on chip carriers, heat sinks, surface mounted device pads, switches, and sockets.

Catalog Number Size Format
837LFWS-1L 1 L (33 fl oz) Liquid
837LFWS-4L 4 L (1.06 gal)Liquid Liquid
  • Excellent wettability
  • Neutral ρH
  • Cleans with water
  • Yields bright, shiny joints
  • Good soldering properties
  • RoHS compliant  

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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