MG Chemicals offers a full line of solder Fluxes formulated to provide high-tack force, superior wetting and remarkable soldering performance levels. Made from high grade natural or synthetic resins and/or thixotropic agents they are specifically formulated for use with high temperature lead free chemistires or lower temperature conventional leaded alloys.They are designed to meet the changing requirements of today's soldering operations and provide effective adhesion to copper and other substrates and act as an oxygen barrier to prevent oxidation during soldering. Our fluxes are offered in Rosin Activated (RA), No Clean (NC), No Clean Halogen free and Water Soluble (WS) formulations, in paste or liquid format and are available for leaded and / or lead-free chemistries.

Convenient syringe dispenser ideal for touch up and repair of surface mount assemblies.

No Clean Flux, Halogen Free is designed for lead free alloys and is also well suited for leaded alloys.

MG Chemicals RA Rosin Flux Paste is a superior electronic grade flux paste that makes SMD, electrical, and electronics soldering faster and easier.

The 836LFNC Liquid Flux: Lead Free, No Clean contains a homogenous mixture of halogen-free, low-solids organic flux. 

The 835 Rosin Flux contains a type RA rosin-activated flux composed of pure Water White (WW) grade gum rosin. It is a unique solvent system that contains very effective activators.

The 837LFWS Liquid Flux: Lead Free, Water Soluble is a neutral, water-removable soldering flux. The organic activating system in 837LFWS has a neutral ρH at room temperature and becomes activated at soldering temperature.