WSC4029 Weatherstrip coating is a three component matt black waterbased silicone coating system, which thermally cures to form a resilient silicone film. It is an excellent candidate to be considered for use in numerous automotive applications. The cured coating can help provide substrate surfaces such as EPDM rubber with lubricating water repellent and easy release characteristics. WSC4029 coating system comprises a black base emulsion (WSC4029AC or WSC4029AC+ with better foam control properties), a cross linker (WSC4029B) and a catalyst (WSC4029D). It can also help impart a high level of mar and abrasion resistance and reduce friction related noise due to vibration of body parts such as doors and sunroofs.


  • Waterbased low VOC content
  • Excellent noise reduction properties
  • Excellent freeze release characteristics
  • Can be used on TPE and EPDM-rubber formulations
  • Low static and dynamic COF
  • Fast heat cure process (1 minute)
  • Excellent adhesion to EPDM
  • Wide process window
Catalog Number Size Format
WSC4029AC 12.4 kg Pail
WSC4029B 15 kg Plastic Breathable/vented container
WSC4029C 1 Kg Metal Can