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Pure Solvents

The 433C d-Limonene is an industrial grade solvent. It is a biodegradable product with a pleasant odor.

The 434 Acetone is a super-fast drying, VOC-exempt, and zero residue solvent.

The 824 Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) liquid is a high purity cleaner and solvent.

General all-purpose cleaner. Safe on plastics.

The 9610 Dimethyl Carbonate is a fast evaporating, low toxicity, flammable solvent that is VOC exempt under Canadian and USA regulations.

The 9620 Ethyl Acetate is a fast evaporating, low-boiling point solvent that is fairly inert. The solvent is a is commonly used in adhesives and nail polish removers.

The 9690 Xylene is a medium evaporation solvent with high solvent strength that is widely used in the paint and chemical industry.