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Etch copper clad circuits professionally

Accomodates two 8"x 9" double sided CCB's. Ideal for students and hobbyists. An inexpensive etching solution.


  • 5 liter heavy duty polyethylene etching tank
  • Air pump and tubing
  • Sparging unit
  • Bag of vinyl gloves
  • Complete instructions


This kit requires one of the following copper etchants:
  • A minimum of 4 liters of Ferric Chloride (cat. no. 415-4L). There should be enough ferric chloride to completely cover your board. Do not dilute ferric chloride with water.
  • Ammonium Persulphate (cat. no. 410-1KG) or
  • Sodium Persulphate (cat. no. 4101-1KG)


Catalog Number Description
416-ES Kit\

Safety Data Sheet