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For etching copper. Transparent solution.

Produce your own circuit boards using the photofabrication method.

Copper Etchant Ready to use solution designed for etching printed circuit boards and other metals.

For drawing or touching up etch resist circuits or PC boards and on positive films.

Replacement part for the 416-E Professional Etching kit.

For use in the photo-fabrication process. Replacement part for the 416-K Photofabrication Kit.

8½ inch x 11 inch heat stabilized film sheets for use in most laser printers

Rub-On Etch Resist product comes with 8 unique sheets of the most commonly used shapes in circuit board creation. It even comes with a sheet for you to custom cut your own shape. All you need to do is Rub-On the shapes and lines onto a plain copper clad board and you are ready for etching.

A convenient kit that allows you to expose pre-sensitized copper clad boards.

Etch copper clad circuits. Ideal for students and hobbyists.

The 416B is a direct replacement bulb for the 416-X Exposure Kit.

For removing exposed resist during the positive photofabrication process.

Replacement part for the 416-E Professional Etching Kit.

Quickly tinplates copper circuits on PC boards in 5 minutes or less at room temperature.