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The 836-P No Clean Flux Pen contains a homogenous mixture of halogen-free, low-solids organic flux. It exhibits excellent wetting and fluxing activities, and it leaves essentially no residue on the assembly after soldering. The 836-P No Clean Flux Pen may be used for both leaded and lead-free applications. A chiseled tip provides exact delivery of the flux to the surface. 


The 836-P pen is designed to dispense flux precisely. It is excellent for prototyping and rework/repair of printed circuit boards. It works well on switches, sockets, heat sinks, chip carriers, and surface mounted device pads.

Catalog Number Size Format
836-P 10 mL (0.34 fl oz) Pen


  • Halogen-free
  • Excellent wetting
  • Bright, shiny solder joints
  • Low residue
  • Rosin/Resin free
  • Compatible with lead-free & leaded solder systems 

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet