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Conductive Prints

An economical solution for grounding or low frequency RFI shielding applications, especially electric guitars and other electronic instruments. It is ideal for RFI shielding in metal detectors and other devices affected by the presence of metal. It can also be used as the conductive inner coating in picture tubes, or as a resistor in circuitry. It functions as a conductive undercoat in some electroplating applications.

The 842AR-15ML Super ShieldTM Silver Print provides the highest level EMI/RFI shielding for electronic enclosures. It is suitable for board level applications. It functions very well as a conductive undercoat in most electroplating applications.

The 841AR-15ML Super Shield™ Nickel Print is the standard choice for shielding plastic electronic enclosures or for use on satellite dishes. It functions as a conductive undercoat in many electroplating applications.

The 843WB Super Shield™ Water Based Silver Coated Copper Conductive Coating provides superior shielding to electronic enclosures and architectural applications.

The 841WB-15ML - Super Shield™ Water Based Nickel Print is a conductive paint designed to reduce electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) in architectural and electronic applications.