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Conductive Pens

Easily draw and repair conductive traces with MG Chemicals’ conductive pens. They dispense acrylic lacquer pigmented with either carbon powder, nickel flake, or silver flake. Each pigment provides a different volume resistivity, making each pen suitable for different applications:

These pens are designed for use on smooth, flat, hard surfaces. The valve-tip opens when pressed against a drawing surface and flow is controlled by squeezing the barrel.

They are used by hobbyists, makers, amateurs, and professionals for creating and repairing conductive traces in prototype or malfunctioning circuits.


Benefits and Features

  • Create durable, corrosion resistant, conductive connections
  • Typical trace width: 1.0 mm
  • Tack free in minutes
  • Adheres to copper, aluminum, ceramics, wood, and most electronic substrates
  • Adheres to ABS, PLA, and other 3D printed plastics
  • Toluene and xylene free
Stock Code Volume Resistivity
838AR-P 0.46 Ω•cm
841AR-P 0.007 Ω•cm
842AR-P 0.0001 Ω•cm


This cost-effective pen is used when modest conductivity is sufficient, in applications such as:

  • Repairing damaged traces on keyboards, game controllers, or remote controls
  • Connecting jumpers
  • Drawing resistors in prototype circuits
  • Electrostatic flocking

This premium pen is used when high conductivity is required, in applications such as:

  • Repairing or replacing severely damaged traces on PCB’s and mixing boards
  • Creating conductive traces in prototype circuits
  • Connecting electronic components
  • Connecting through-holes

This pen is used when good conductivity is sufficient, in applications such as:

  • Repairing damaged traces on PCB’s.
  • Creating short conductive traces in prototype circuits
  • Creating bridges
  • Increasing the surface area of contacts by painting the area around them

Conductive Pens Flyer