Primary Characteristics
  • Red spreadable
  • Condensation cure
  • Extreme high temp
  • Useful to 260°C (500°F)
  • Primer required


Use for:
  • Aerospace applications such as potting, encapsulating, coating and cushioning


Excellent for potting and encapsulating electric motors, transformers, and surge protection. Can be used in aerospace applications such as sealing, bonding and quaketing on vertical or overhead surfaces. Composition is free of solvents and solvent odour. Excellent retention of elastomeric properties at temperatures from -54°C to 260°C (-65°F to 500°F) continuously, and up to 316°C (600°F) for short periods of time. This two part silicone is supplied with a curing agent. Silicone primer is required. Cures at room temperature and has excellent adhesion qualities. The product comes complete with catalyst DBT. Specialized catalysts are available upon request.

Catalog Number Description  
RTV88-1P RTV88 001-Kit (1.0LBS-0.454KG)  
RTV88-1G RTV88 012-Pail Kit (12.1LBS-5.48KG) Special Order Item
RTV88-5G RTV88 055-Pail Kit (55.0LBS-24.97KG) Special Order Item
RTV88HB RTV88HB-012-Pail Kit (12.5LBS-5.68KG) Special Order Item
RTV88ULA RTV88ULA-011-Pail Kit (11LBS-4.99KG) Special Order Item