Primary Characteristics


  • Self leveling
  • Addition cure
  • Cures in deep sections
  • Very high strength
  • Medium viscosity
  • Primer required


Use for:

  • Encapsulating applications requiring high tensile strength
  • Exceptionally deep potting applications


Will form thin, light-weight molds with excellent durability. The high tear resistance and inherent release ability make it well suited to the manufacture of intricate castings, by reproducing each part exactly to detail. Other applications include prototype parts, production tools for casting epoxies and rubber rolls. Electrical circuits require a tough potting compound with outstanding vibration withstanding capability find RTV630 unequalled. Silicone primer is required. Specialized catalysts are available upon request.


MG Catalog # Momentive # Min QTY 1 Cost 2 (USD) Min QTY 2 Cost 2 (USD) Min QTY 3 Cost 3 (USD) Min QTY 4 Cost 4 (USD)
RTV630-1P RTV630 001-KIT(1.0 Lbs-0.454 Kg)  12 EA   109.21