The TUSP Touch Up Spray Paint is a fast-drying acrylic lacquer which offers excellent adhesion, flexibility, and resistant to large temperature variations. The finish is extremely hard and durable. In addition, it offers good resistance to detergent, water, abrasion, heat, and alcohols.

Applications & Usages

The TUSP adheres well to aluminum, steel, vinyl, and more. The paint is versatile and is used for various applications including but not limited to windows, sidings, doors, fences, skylights, and electronic enclosures. The product is most suitable for touching up heat cured finishes and UV cured finished surfaces.


Features Applications
  • Professionally match any color including metallic based paints
  • Acrylic lacquer base for durable finish
  • Opaque high hide paint - only one or two coats are required
  • 14 standard stock colors readily available
  • Excellent finish - hard and durable
  • Easy cleanup with Cat. No. 435 or Cat. No. 434
  • MG Chemicals Touch Up Spray Paint is versatile. We currently serve the following industries:
    • Windows
    • Aluminum sidings and doors
    • Aluminum/steel fences
    • Vinyl windows and sidings
    • Skylights
    • Enclosures
Category Swatch Color Code Cat. No. Gloss Value at 60° (GU)
Whites White K1285 WHITE FAST DRY, HIGH HIDE LACQUER XS1952-ZE-300G 75
Metallics Clear Anodized CLEAR ANODIZED XS0876-ZE-300G 37
Browns Rideau Brown K71273 RIDEAU BROWN XS0315-ZE-300G 37
Blacks Semi-Gloss Black K90421 SEMI GLOSS BLACK XS0870-ZE-300G 35

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet


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