The 4229 Connector Coating is a solvent based, modified thermoplastic liquid coating used as a replacement for electrical tape and shrink wrap. It dries to a durable, flexible, moisture resistant, and rubber-like coating to protect exposed wires, metals, and plastics.

Applications & Usages
The 4229 insulates and protects electrical connections, valve handles, rope ends, battery terminals, tools, and sheet metal.


  • Meets ASTM E-96 moisture resistance
  • Meets ASTM B-117 salt spray test
  • Meets ASTM G53-84 accelerated 10 year weather test
  • Highly flexible
  • Will not chip or crack
  • Good adhesion
  • Suitable for use in food facilities as a non-food chemical—certification available on request
Catalog Number Sizes Available Description
4229-55ML 55 mL (1.86 fl oz) Bottle
4229-1L 945 mL (1.99 pt) Can

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet