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MG Chemicals Silver Conductive Grease is a higher end conductive silicone grease formulated for improving electrical connections between sliding surfaces and parts. It provides superior lubrication, inhibits corrosion, and repels humidity.

Typical applications include lubrication of switches or circuit breakers, heat dissipation, and static ground on seals and O-rings. It can also act as a gasket in EMI shielding applications.

Because 8463 is designed to lubricate, it may migrate and cause shorts when used incorrectly. For a non-bleeding / non-migrating electrically conductive grease, see our 847 Carbon Conductive Assembly Paste.

Features Applications
  • Improves electrical connections between irregular or pitted surfaces
  • Ensures electrical contact between loose or vibrating parts
  • Prevents arching, pitting, hotspots, and welds
  • Wide service temperature range of -50°C to 200°C
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Safe on plastics
  • Circuit breaker lubrication
  • Transformer heat dissipation
  • Seals static grounding
  • Corrosion protection
Catalog Number Size Format
8463-7G 2.96 mL (0.10 fl oz) Syringe

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet