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The 8481 Premium Carbon Conductive Grease is an electrically conductive grease with a synthetic oil base similar to our 846 Carbon Conductive Grease, however, the 8481 is silicone free and contains extra corrosion inhibitors making it capable of withstanding 300 hours of salt fog testing (automotive grade). Also, it is extremely stable and will not separate even under extreme temperature cycling.

Like the 846, the 8481 lubricates and improves electrical connections between sliding surfaces and parts, and can also act as a gasket in EMI shielding applications.

Because 8481 is designed to lubricate, it may migrate and cause shorts when used incorrectly. For a non-bleeding / non-migrating electrically conductive grease, see our 847 Carbon Conductive Assembly Paste.

Catalog Number Sizes Available Description
8481-1 85 mL (2.87 fl oz) Tube
8481-2 453 mL (15.3 fl oz) Jar
8481-3 3.78 L (1.0 gal) Pail
Features Applications
  • Improves electrical connections between irregular or pitted surfaces
  • Ensures electrical contact between loose or vibrating parts
  • Prevents arching, pitting, hotspots, and welds
  • Service temperature range of -68°C to +165°C
  • Volume Resistivity < 400 Ω·cm
  • Strong corrosion resistance, withstands over 300 hours of salt fog exposure
  • Does not separate under temperature cycling
  • Safe on plastics
  • Silicone Free
  • non-moving surfaces conductivity improvement
  • moving surfaces conductivity improvement
  • Components lubrication
  • Corrosion protection

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet