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842WB is a one-part, water-based conductive coating, pigmented with highly conductive silver flake. It is easy to use, with no let-down and no heat cure necessary. It can be applied by spray, brush or roller. The cured coating is smooth, durable, and adheres well to plastic, wood, metal and ceramic. It also bonds well to drywall and can be painted over with common architectural paints.

842WB is designed to reduce EMI/RFI in architectural and electronic applications.  


Features and Benefits
  • Provides excellent EMI/RFI shielding over a broad range of frequencies
  • Resistivity of 7.5 x 10-5 Ω•žcm
  • Non-flammable and no noxious odors
  • Ships as a non-DG by air
  • Low regulated VOC of 53 g/L
Catalog Number Net Volume Packaging
842WB-15ML 12 mL (0.4 fl oz) Jar
842WB-150ML 150 mL (5.0 fl oz) Bottle
842WB-850ML 850 mL (1.79 pt) Can
842WB-3.78L 3.6 L (1 gal) Pail

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet