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The 839 Graphite Conductive Coating is an economical acrylic paint that uses a graphite filler to create conductive, static free surfaces. This electro-conductive, antistatic material also reduces electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI). The durable acrylic resin affords long-term protection that minimizes loss of graphite through rubbing. The cured coat withstands large temperature changes and marine environmental conditions without cracking, which makes it suitable for a wide range of application.

Applications & Usages

Its primary application is as a general use conductor to provide low cost EMI/RFI shielding or conductive base for some electroplating process. It can be used anywhere in a manufacturing process where it is necessary to impart conductivity to a surface. It works well on drywall, and can be used to shield entire rooms.


  • High Conductivity—Low Surface resistivity of 47 Ω/sq for one coat (1 mil)
  • Tough and durable coating, salt spray tested with excellent weatherability
  • Repairable and removable thermoplastic paint system
  • Stronger adhesion than water based coatings
  • Corrosion-proof coat—slows or prevents substrate oxidation
  • Rub off resistant
Catalog Number Sizes Available Description
839-900ML 900 mL (1.9 pt) Liquid Replaced with 838AR-900ML
839-1G 3.6 L (3.8 qt) Liquid Replaced with 838AR-3.78L

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet