838AR is an economical conductive paint that consists of a 1-part, solvent-based acrylic lacquer, pigmented with highly conductive carbon powder. It is smooth, durable, and abrasion resistant. It can be easily applied by brush or spray. It has a quick dry time, with no heat cure necessary. It adheres strongly to most injection-molded plastics, such as ABS, PBT and PVA. It provides strong corrosion resistance and is suitable for use in marine environments.

838AR is excellent for creating grounded surfaces and in low frequency RFI shielding applications, such as pickup cavities on electric guitars. It is also perfect for shielding metal detectors and other devices where a metal-filled conductive coating would cause malfunction.

Features and Benefits
  • Provides >52 dB of RFI shielding at frequencies <1 MHz
  • Quick dry time, no heat cure required, and easy to apply
  • Strong corrosion resistance
  • Mild solvent system, and safe on polystyrenes
  • HAP free—does not contain toluene or xylene
  • Available in aerosol format
Catalog Number Net Volume Net Weight Packaging
838AR-P 5 mL  4.21 g Pen
838AR-15ML     12 mL 10.6 g Jar
838AR-900ML 850 mL  755 g  Can
838AR-3.78L 3.60 L 3.20 kg  Can
838AR-340G 442 mL  340 g  Aerosol

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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