500 Series Copper Clad Boards

500 Series Copper Clad Boards comprise a laminate consisting of continuous woven glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin. The boards are made of FR4, which is a flame retardant version of G-10 material.

Applications and Uses

These boards are ideal for prototyping and small production runs. They are used by PCB manufacturers, design engineers, hobbyists, and students.

Features & Benefits

  • Comply with UL (file number E214381) and IPC-4101C/21
  • DICY (dicyandiamide) Cured System
  • Easy to cut, with no specialized equipment required
  • UV blocking
  • Available in 1 oz (1.37 mil, 35 µm) and ½ oz (0.67 mil, 17 µm) copper cladding
  • Available in 1/16″ (1.60 mm) and 1/32″ (0.80 mm) laminate thicknesses
Catalog NumberSizeDescription
5106″ x 6″, 152 x 152 mmSingle sided
5168″ x 10″, 203 x 254 mmSingle sided
5516″ x 6″, 152 x 152 mmDouble sided

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