824-W - 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes

An industrial alcohol wipe individually wrapped for cleaning electronics. It is saturated with anhydrous 99.9% isopropyl alcohol, and made from a highly durable blend of wood pulp and polyester. The individual alcohol wipes are available in bags of 25 or 50, or a bulk box of 500.

These wipes contain ACS reagent grade isopropyl alcohol. They are both anhydrous and hygroscopic, and so they leave no water residues and may even be used to scavenge water from surfaces.

They are excellent at removing fingerprints, oils, light greases, ink, grime, and flux residues while being safe on most plastics. They are excellent for cleaning fiber optics, cables, components, connectors, contacts, keypads, office equipment, printed circuit boards, production equipment, smart phones, and stencils.

This product is also available in liquid and aerosol formats, as well as a 70% IPA version.

Features & Benefits

  • Saturated with anhydrous 99.9% IPA
  • Wipe size: 13 cm x 15 cm (5” x 6”)
  • Wipe Density: 60 GSM
  • Lint Free, nonabrasive, and tear resistant
  • Scavenges moisture
Catalog NumberSizes AvailableFormat
824-WX2547 mL (1.6 fl oz)Wipes – 25 individually wrapped per box
824-WX5095 mL (3.2 fl oz)Wipes – 50 individually wrapped per box
824-WX500191 mL (6.5 fl oz)Wipes – 500 single wipes per box


For Industrial Use Only in Canada, California, and other States with similar VOC regulations

Safety Data Sheet

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