This high quality threaded chrome valve greatly increases the comfort for high volume users, who might find the regular plastic trigger irritating after prolonged use. It also provides improved accuracy and better control over the rate of flow, than plastic triggers.

This product can be used over and over. It simply screws onto the top of the can, and may be removed at any time later without damage to the valve, can, or itself.

Catalog Number Format
402T Trigger valve
Features Applications Removes
  • Greatly improved comfort
  • Improved precision
  • ESD Safe
  • Better control of flow
  • Can be used over and over
  • Chromer trigger valve specs:
    • Nozzle bore diameter 2.0mm +/- 0.1
    • Nozzle stem length 93mm
  • High volume operations
  • Energized circuits
  • Computers and keyboards
  • Office equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Audio / Video equipment
  • Laboratory instruments
  • Medical devices
  • Photographic equipment
  • Electronic instruments
  • Dust
  • Lint
  • Metallic oxide particles
  • Oxides
  • Dirt