MG Chemicals dusters are formulated to deliver a high rate of compressed gas to safely and effectively remove microscopic dust, lint, and foreign particles from computers, keyboards, office equipment, electrical equipment, telecommunications devices, A/V equipment, laboratory instruments, medical devices, photographic equipment, and electronic instruments. They are suitable for use in labs, on work benches, maintenance and service shops, off-site servicing, residential homes, offices, and industry.

Our general purpose duster. Cost effective and better for the environment, it is perfect for use in offices, homes, service centers, photographic labs, and A/V studios.

A Super Duster™ 134 refill container for use with our Super Duster Trigger Valve.

100 non-flammable, but with increased global warming potential, use this product for removing dust on energized circuits, near open flames, or possible ignition sources. Suitable for professional and industrial applications.

Allows user precision control and greater comfort.