403C Super Cold ™ HFO-1234ZE is a non-flammable cold spray that is used primarily for diagnosing thermally intermittent problems with electronic devices. It is also useful for protecting heat sensitive components during soldering, quickly cooling solder joints, and it can also be used to quickly remove gum and other adhesives from a variety of surfaces.


NOTE: Chills  down  to  -50  °C  (-60  °F).  Temperature  may  not  be  as  low  as  reported  due  to  environmental  and  physical conditions.


  • Low global warming potential
  • VOC free
  • Ozone safe
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-conductive
  • Zero residue
  • Safe for use on energized circuits
Catalog Number Sizes Available Format
403C-235G 200 mL (6.76 fl oz) Aerosol
Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
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