419C - Fast Drying Acrylic Conformal Coating

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419C is a fast drying acrylic conformal coating that cures to a durable, flexible and smooth finish. This 1-part coating is easy to apply and can be handled in only 5 minutes. It is a great option for speeding up board production throughput without additional capital investment.

This acrylic conformal coating has a high dielectric strength and can be readily removed with appropriate strippers, or soldered through for repair or rework. 419C creates a robust moisture barrier that protects printed circuit boards in humid environments. It strongly protects against moisture, corrosion, fungus, dirt, dust, thermal shock, short circuits, high-voltage arcing, and static discharge.

Features & Benefits

  • Certified UL 94 V-0 (File # E203094)
  • Certified IPC-CC-830B
  • Super-fast cure – tack free in about 3 min; dries in 30 min at 65 °C [149 °F]
  • Protects PCBs from moisture, corrosion, fungus, and static discharges
  • No hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) – free of toluene or xylene, free of ozone depleting compounds
  • Excellent finish – smooth, homogeneous and durable clear coat
  • Easy to inspect – fluoresces under UV light
  • Easy rework and repairs – can be soldered through, removable with MG’s 435 Thinner, 8309 or 8310A conformal coating removers
Catalog NumberSizes AvailableDescription
419C-340G446 mL (15.0 fl oz)Aerosol
419C-1L945 mL (1.99 pt)Can
419C-4L3.78 L (1.00 gal)Can
419C-20L18.9 L (5.04 gal)Can

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