Specialty Cleaners

MG Chemicals formulates a number of speciality cleaners for the electronics maintenance industry.

The 826 Static Off™ Antistatic Foaming Spray has non-drip formulation that effectively polishes and eliminates static charges with a single application.

Plastic safe, zero residue, flammable.

The 401B Nu-TrolTM Control Cleaner for Electronics is a unique blend of high purity solvents and a lubricating mineral oil that is excellent for cleaning and lubricating delicate moving parts in electronics. The solvent system also effectively dissolves oil and organic residues.

All purpose glass, plastic, and chrome cleaner.

Rejuvenates and conditions rubber.

The 8361 Label and Adhesive Remover is formulated to effectively remove adhesive, sticker, and ink residues. It contains a pleasant odor which makes the product easy to work with.