This high performance fluid is designed specifically to meet the increasing demands of the electronics industry and is tightly-controlled for ions, metals and non-volatile residue. It is used in hard disk lubrication and cleaning applications.

3M™ Performance Fluid PF-5060DL is a high-purity version of 3M™ Performance Fluid PF-5060. Product specifications were recently tightened to meet the increasing performance demands of the electronics industry. These specifications include ions, metals and non-volatile residue.

3M fluid PF-5060DL has been the industry standard for lubricant deposition on hard disks since ozone-depleting CFCs were regulated out of use. PF-5060DL fluid has a zero ozone depletion potential and is exempt from VOC regulations. It is a more effective solvent for depositing PTFE lubricants because it dissolves only the lubricant and essentially no water or hydrocarbons. Low viscosity and surface tension provide PF-5060DL fluid with excellent surface wetting and flow.