PF-5052 is a replacement for ozone depleting substances used as an additive for solvent and foam blowing applications.

3M™ Performance Fluid PF-5052 is a clear, colorless, fully-fluorinated liquid ideal for use in medium temperature range heat transfer applications. Like other 3M Performance Fluids, PF-5052 fluid is chemically and thermally stable, practically non-toxic, and nonflammable.

The unique solvent properties of PF-5052 fluid also make this an ideal solvent for depositing or removing fluorinated oils and lubricants.

3M offers a line of fluorochemical deposition solvents. For disk drives, these solvents are used for deposition of perfluoropolyether lubricants as well as lubricant additives. In the line, you'll find advantages for worker safety and environmental acceptability, as well as the following product attributes: selective solvency; low water solubility; good materials compatibility; and reduced evaporation losses.