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Its 76°C boiling point and excellent environmental, health and safety profile make Novec fluid 7200 useful in applications like heat transfer, cleaning, lubricant deposition and more, in a diverse range of industries.


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Listed below are key applications for 7200. Documents specific to the application are listed to the right.

Cleaning Fluids

Its higher boiling point (76°C) and increased solvency make Novec fluid 7200 an ideal cleaning solvent in applications like vapor degreasing, wet cleaning and FOUP cleaning. Its solvency allows its use in cleaning light-duty soils - like particulates, fluorolubes, light oils and fluoropolymers - and it can be paired with co-solvents to clean heavier-duty soils.

7200 is non-ozone depleting, is not a volatile organic compound (VOC) and is approved without restrictions under the US EPA's Significant New Alternatives Program (SNAP).

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Deposition Solvents

Low viscosity and low surface tension provide this fluid with surface wetting and flow properties similar to 3M™ Performance Fluid PF-5060DL. Novec fluid 7200 has a short atmospheric lifetime and low global warming potential (GWP). Novec fluid 7200 can dissolve lubricants as well as PFPE lubes.

In addition, Novec fluid 7200 offers certain unique process advantages because its higher boiling point reduces evaporative losses and its lower density means that it takes less fluid to fill a lubing machine.

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Heat Transfer Fluids

A wide liquid range (-138°C to 76°C) makes Novec fluid 7200 well-suited to thermal management applications in a wide array of industries. In addition, 7200 fluid has a very low global warming potential (GWP) and offers reduced greenhouse gas emissions when compared to PFCs - without sacrificing performance.

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