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Thermally Conductive Adhesives

MG Chemicals offers two component thermally conductive adhesives for bonding, heat sinks, LED’s, and other heat generating electronic components. Filled with a blend of thermally conductive ceramics, they provide excellent thermal conductivity and strong electrical insulation without the capacitance issues associated with metal filled products. They have strong adhesion to metal, good adhesion to plastics, and excellent physical strength. Compared to one part epoxies, two part systems offer the advantages of extended shelf life, room temperature storage, and much lower cure temperatures.

We offer a choice of fast (4 minutes), moderate (45 minutes), or slow (4 hours) working times, and flowable or paste versions. The flowable may be dispensed automatically and through mix tips, while the paste offers the highest possible thermal conductivity.

These two options create a two by three system that customers can use to choose the right product for their application:


Working Time Viscosity
  Flowable Paste
4 Minutes   8329TCF
45 Minutes 8329TFM 8329TCM
4 Hours 8329TFS 8329TCS