8330S - Electrically Conductive Adhesive

8330S is an electrically conductive, silver-filled two-part epoxy adhesive with a long working life. It is smooth, non-sagging, thixotropic, and bonds well to a wide variety of substrates.

It can be used as a solder replacement for bonding heat-sensitive electronic components, or for making conductive connections where soldering is not an option, such as when bonding to glass, soft metals, or plastics.

8330S is highly filled to maximize electrical conductivity. For a more economical version, use 8331S. For a shorter working life and room temperature cure, use 8330.

Features & Benefits

  • Creates strong permanent electrical connections
  • Extended working time
  • Low cure temperature of 65 °C
  • Room temperature storage
  • Long shelf life
Catalog NumberNet WeightNet VolumePackaging
8330S-21G18.7 g6 mL2 Syringe kit
8330S-50ML156 g50 mL2 Jar kit
8330S-200ML625 g200 mL2 Can kit
Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet