PETG is a high-strength transparent thermoplastic with excellent moisture and chemical resistance. It does not require a heated print bed, is easy to use, and has low shrinkage and minimal odor. It is excellent for applications where strong, transparent prints are desired, and it is widely used in mechanical parts fabrication and robotics.

MG Chemicals premium 3D printing filaments are manufactured under strict quality control to ensure consistency. Our spools have a large hub to ensure uniform winding, and cut-outs on the sides so the user can easily see how much filament is left.


Features and Benefits
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm; Weight: 1 kg/spool
  • Dimensional accuracy: ±0.03 mm
  • Vacuum-sealed with desiccant in resealable bags
  • Recommended print temperature: 210 to 240 °C (410 to 464 °F)
  • Recommended bed temperature: 22 to 50 °C (72 to 122 °F)
  • Spool diameter: 7¾"; Spool width: 2½"; Hub diameter: 3½"; Hub hole diameter: 2⅛"


Catalog Number Weight    Diameter Color
PETG17NA1 1.00 kg 1.75 mm Natural
PETG17WH1 1.00 kg 1.75 mm White
PETG17BK1 1.00 kg 1.75 mm Black
PETG17RE1 1.00 kg 1.75 mm Red
PETG17BL1 1.00 kg 1.75 mm Blue


Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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