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Mr. Roy Moquin, from Willow Beach Ontario wrote to us to let us know how our 4229 Connector coating saved him time and money in repairing his damaged outboard boat engine! Read his integral comment below and see how MG Chemicals is really One Company… many solutions.



I just wanted to send a note of thanks for your product 55ml bottle of Connector Coating

I have a 2010 Evinrude 90hp Etec outboard on my boat that I stored in my garage over winter

Unfortunately sometime during storage I picked up some stowaways... mice had found a way into the engine cover and started packing insulation from my garage into the engine tightly packing the space behind wiring and oil injection lines.

As I pulled out the stuffing... I came across my wiring harness for the alternator stator - 6 wires. 3 of them with completely eaten away insulation, 2 with partial bits exposing wire and one with more than an inch of wire completely eaten away.

Advice from marine mechanic indicated it would be ok to "solder something in there" and wrap it up somehow.

I bought the last bottle in the store and some automotive grade heavy grade wire for the patch it was quick work to solder in the repair and separated the other exposed wires.

Everything was coated about 5 times with Connector Coating

I noticed flexibility to withstand vibration, great strength to physically protect the connection from stress

Next day we cruised for 8 hours on the warm weekend on Lake Simcoe and the connections look like they will be intact for the life of the motor!  Saved us serious dollars and time to replace expensive marine parts

Now I have people lining up to fix iphone cables - so much better than heat shrink!

Thanks everyone!  I'll be getting an extra bottle ( or can!!) because I see some many places that need this stuff!

Roy Moquin


Mobile 416-XXX-XXXX”


Damaged Wires

Wires coated with 4229 Connector Coating


3D-printing revolution impacts on supply chains

In this article, Michael Minall, of Vendigital, sees the adoption of 3D-printing technology gaining momentum in the aerospace and defence sectors. He takes a closer look at the pros and cons of this emerging technology and its impact on developing markets.

Read the article at: https://www.electronicsweekly.com/uncategorised/comment-3d-printing-revolution-impacts-supply-chains-2015-07/

Our 838AR - TOTAL GROUND™ CARBON CONDUCTIVE COATING is used in the introduction of Electrick, a low-cost and versatile sensing technique that enables touch input on wide variety of objects and surfaces, whether small or large,flat or irregular. This Carnegie Mellon University innovation demonstrate how the conductivity of our coating assists in the activation of their system. This video shows what can be achieved when two state of the art technologies are put together.

The 2nd Dangerous Goods Conference on April 28th 2017 in Mississauga, Ontario is almost here!  On April 28th, our Chief Technical Communicator, Michel Hachey, PhD., will present: Metal and Metal Compounds – The Environmental Hazards. A presentation outlining the importance to understand how and when metal compounds can go from non-regulated to fully regulated marine pollutants just by decreasing the particle size. A review of the scientific underpinning, evaluation methods, and regulatory landscape will be presented.


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more on the subject. For registration information go to http://www.idc-online.com/content/2nd-dangerous-goods-conference-ontario-canada.


We look forward to seeing you there!

On May 16 to 19, 2017, MG Chemicals will be taking part in the EDS Summit at The Mirage in Las Vegas. As this is an appointment-centered meeting activity, all parties interested in meeting our industry professionals are invited to contact Ritch, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and book your private meeting in our suite, A33. Many meetings are already booked and the remaining meeting times will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so don’t delay any further and book contact Ritch today! We look forward to meeting you there. http://edsconnects.com/

Improper selection of a product for an application can lead to unforeseen issues, such as mechanical failures, component damage, and sub-optimal results. However, selecting the right product can be difficult, especially when venturing into new technologies and chemical products. Even when the choices are narrowed down, many subtle differences may be difficult to understand. As applications and technologies become more complex and diverse, a robust technical support system for customers is a growing need.

This is where MG Chemicals excels by providing direct access to our team of in-house chemists, engineers, and application scientists. Together, the technical support team has decades of industry experience and application data to assist customers. Our technical experts are well equipped with modern testing equipment in our state-of-the-art laboratory and are also knowledgeable in thermal analysis, chemical characterization, as well as electrical, physical, and mechanical testing.

Our technical support is available to provide technical assistance with a product applications, guidance on product choices, and information on the science behind our products. 

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