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RTV Silicones

Chemicals is the authorized master distributor for Momentive RTV silicone products.

Our RTV silicone adhesives portfolio covers a host of options to meet your requirements like consistency, adhesive strength, flame retardancy, outgassing, thermal conductivity and more. RTV silicone adhesives are advantageous over other adhesive technologies because of their high heat resistance and wide operating temperature range. This coupled with their low modulus make them an ideal choice for protecting delicate components in particularly harsh applications such as automotive and aerospace.

Our silicone potting compounds offer enhanced thermal protection compared to conventional chemistries, with operating temperatures of up to 200°C. Due to their elasticity and low modulus, they are also ideal materials for potting delicate surface mount devices, thereby mitigating damage from thermal expansion and contraction. With excellent resistance to moisture and weathering, UV silicones are suited for outdoor lighting, transportation, and aerospace applications.

We also offer primers that are formulated for use with RTV silicone rubbers and adhesive sealants for enhanced adhesion on difficult-to-bond substrates.

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