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2-Part Flowable R.T. Cure RTV Silicone

MG Chemicals offers 2-part flowable RTV silicones that are suitable for a host of applications from sealing and encapsulating to making molds. These materials cure upon exposure to atmospheric moisture at room temperature to form a durable elastic silicone rubber.

Features and Benefits

  • Low shrinkage options for making molds
  • Low outgassing grades available
  • Self-leveling consistency for high detail molds and conformal sealants/encapsulants


  • Circuit component encapsulation
  • Cast-in-place heat shielding
  • Sealants for horizontal surfaces
  • Prototype mold making for console boxes, lamp housing etc.

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Sealants and Encapsulants

  • RTV430 – Pink, upper limit 204°C
  • RTV511 – White, intermittent temp. 260°C
  • RTV560 – Red, intermittent temp. 315°C
  • RTV566 – Red, qualified NASA low outgassing
  • RTV8111 – White, upper limit 204°C
  • RTV8112 – White, upper limit 204°C
  • RTV8262 – Red, upper limit 204°C
  • RTV9811 – Beige, for use on sensitive metals
  • RTV9891 – Light blue, upper limit 204°C

Mold Making

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