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Dielectric Grease

MG Chemicals Dielectric Grease is a thick gel that provides premium protection against moisture, corrosion and electrical arcing. It is extremely hydrophobic and electrically resistant, which makes it suitable for insulating and protecting connectors.

Features and Benefits

  • Conforms to 21 CFR section 178.3570
  • Effectively seals, waterproofs and lubricates
  • Suitable on substrates like plastic, metal and rubber
  • Very wide operating temperature range
  • Insulates in high and low voltage applications


  • Ensures a firm seal on gaskets and O-rings
  • Connector protection in outdoor electronics such as signs, lights and scoreboards
  • High voltage equipment such as utility poles and transformers

8462 – Hydrophobic gel that offers premium water repellency and protection against corrosion

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