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3M Electronic Coatings

MG Chemicals offers an expansive portfolio of 3M electronic coatings intended for device component and glass protection against moisture and corrosion. These easy-to-use 1-part coatings provide a uniform oleophobic, hydrophobic film that typically dries within 1 minute of application. 3M Novec coatings are a cost-effective solution for extending the life of electronics and are typically applied by either dipping or selective spray at dry film thicknesses ranging from 5nm to 1µm.

Features and Benefits

  • Very high dielectric strength
  • Fast dry time
  • Low toxicity
  • Low environmental impact
  • Ultra-thin application
  • Enhance surface coverage


  • Anti-smudge coatings for phone screens
  • Improve lubricity for touch screens
  • PCB protection for oil rig sensors
  • Electronics in marine settings including salt water

Novec 1700 – 0.1 to 0.2µm dry film thickness

Novec 1702 – low solids, dry film thickness < 0.1µm

Novec 1720 – low surface tension, 5-10nm dry film thickness

Novec 1902 – Very high dielectric strength

Novec 1904 – High solids, very high dielectric strength

Novec 1908 – High solids, film thickness up to 5µm

Novec 2701 – Fast dry, film thickness < 1µm

Novec 2702 – Cross linking coating for durable protection

Novec 2704 – High solids, very high dielectric strength

Novec 2708 – Very high solids, fast dry

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