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Conductive Spray Paints

MG Chemicals Conductive Spray Paints are acrylic conductive paints in aerosol cans. This convenient packaging option allows users to complete proof-of-concept prototypes or lower volume runs quickly and economically.

Features and Benefits

  • 1-part system, easy to apply
  • 4 options available depending on conductivity requirements
  • Excellent adhesion to most plastics
  • HAPS-free
  • Broad frequency range protection


  • Plastic PCB enclosures
  • Board-level shielding
  • Conductive coating for electro-plating
  • Shielding long-range communication devices and satellites

838AR-340G – Carbon conductive paint for low frequency shielding and electrical grounding

841AR-340G – Nickel conductive paint for a broad spectrum shielding. Good corrosion resistance

842AR-140G – Silver conductive paint for premium EMI protection

843AR-340G – Silver-coated copper conductive paint which balances cost and EMI performance

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