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Conductive Acrylic Paints

These conductive coatings for plastic are 1-part solvent-based acrylic systems that are easy to apply and dry quickly. They are smooth, durable, and especially formulated for adhesion to plastics commonly used in PCB enclosures such as ABS, PVC, nylon and polycarbonate.

These liquid coatings are also available in aerosol spray and conductive pen formats. We also have water-based and epoxy-based alternatives.

Features and Benefits

  • 1-part systems
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast dry
  • UL registered versions
  • Excellent adhesion to most plastics
  • Does not contain toluene, xylene, or MEK


  • EMI / RFI shielding plastic PCB enclosures
  • Conductive coating for electroplating
  • Prototyping and repairing circuits
  • Creating electrical contacts
  • Grounding surfaces

838AR – Total Ground Carbon Conductive Coating – Carbon paint for RFI shielding, grounding, and creating electrical contacts. Offers superior corrosion resistance. Useful in some electroplating applications where low conductivity is ok. Useful in prototyping when higher resistances are acceptable, such as when painting jumpers or resistors.

841AR – Super Shield Nickel Conductive Coating – Nickel paint for broad spectrum EMI / RFI shielding. Offers excellent corrosion resistance. Suitable for many electroplating operations. Good for prototyping and repairing small circuits.

843AR – Super Shield Silver Coated Copper Conductive Coating – Copper paint for cost effective EMI shielding.

842AR – Super Shield Silver Conductive Coating – Silver paint for superior EMI protection. Offers excellent corrosion resistance.  Excellent for repairing and prototyping circuits. Useful in some plating applications where high conductivity is required.

844AR – ESD Safe Coating – Static dissipative paint that provides permanent ESD protection for plastic surfaces.