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Package and Board Level Shielding

MG Chemicals offers conductive paints for package and board level shielding applications. These coatings are designed to prevent components on a board from interfering with each other. They can save space and cost by replacing larger metal stamps and lids.

We offer a 1-part acrylic version that is suitable for post-soldering shielding of components. We also offer more durable urethane and epoxy versions suitable for use on silicon wafers and package level applications, which are wave solder resistant and do not fray when cut.

For device level shielding we offer acrylic conductive coatings, and for wood or drywall we offer water-based alternatives. We also offer silver conductive adhesives that can be useful in package applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior EMI shielding
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Withstands wave solder temperatures exceeding 260°C
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates


  • Replacing metal stamping for board-level EMI shielding
  • Replacing PVD coatings for silicon wafers
  • Package-level and board-level shielding

842AR – Silver Acrylic Coating1-part silver conductive acrylic paint with exceptional conductivity. Suitable for board-level shielding applications.

842UR – Silver EMI Shielding Coating1-part silver conductive polyurethane paint with exceptional conductivity at film thicknesses as low as 7 microns. Wave solder resistant, highly flexible, does not fray when cut, suitable for board-level and package-level shielding.

842ER – Silver Epoxy Coating2-part silver epoxy paint with exceptional conductivity. Excellent corrosion, solvent, and abrasion resistance. It is wave solder resistant, flexible, and does not fray when cut. Suitable for board-level and package-level shielding.