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3M Novec Fluid

MG Chemicals is the master distributor for 3M Novec, a highly diversified line of specialty liquids engineered for heat transfer, refrigerant replacement, cleaning, and improving lubricant deposition on disk drives. These fluids have low toxicity, low global warming potential, and are non ozone-depleting.

Features and Benefits

  • Non ozone-depleting
  • Low toxicity
  • Low global warming potential
  • High purity formulations available


  • Heat transfer for high temperature CPUs in data servers
  • Cooling for automated test and wafer processing equipment
  • Flux removal
  • Lubricant deposition for disk drives

Cleaning and Degreasing

  • 71DA – Azeotropic mixture intended to replace ozone-depleting substances for defluxing
  • 71DE – Azeotropic mixture intended to replace ozone-depleting substances for moderate cleaning
  • 71IPA – Particularly effective for cleaning fingerprints and light soils
  • 7100 – Cleaning and rinsing agent for heavy-duty soils
  • 72DE – Ideal for immersion and vapor degreasing
  • 7300 – Ideal for semiconductor cleaning
  • 8200 – Environmentally friendly alternative for film cleaning

Disk Drive Lubricant Deposition

  • 7100 – Low surface tension lubricant carrier
  • 7300 – Environmentally friendly lubricant carrier

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