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3M Fluorinert

MG Chemicals is the master distributor for 3M Fluorinert. These high performance liquids are used widely in many industries for heat transfer and
reliability testing. Known for their non ozone-depleting and low toxicity qualities, Fluorinert comes in a variety of operating temperature ranges to best suit your needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Non ozone-depleting
  • Low toxicity
  • High temperature formulations available
  • Non flammable


  • Heat transfer for high temperature CPUs in data servers
  • Vapour phase reflow soldering
  • Quality and reliability testing

High Temperature

  • FC 40 – operating range -57 to 165°C
  • FC 3283 – operating range -50 to 128°C

Low Temperature

  • FC 770 – operating range -127 to 95°C

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