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3M Engineered Fluids

MG Chemicals is the master distributor for 3M engineered fluids. These high performance liquids find multiple uses in a wide range of industries, in applications such as heat transfer, hard disk lubrication and moderate to heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing. Non ozone-depleting and with low potential for global warming, they provide an environmentally friendly alternative to most traditional solvents.

Features and Benefits

  • High purity liquids with low ion and metal impurities
  • Heat transfer liquids substantially reduce energy demand compared to traditional cooling systems
  • Low surface tension liquids allow for greater penetration to clean and remove dirt and oils compared to traditional solvents
  • Environmentally friendly options available that are non ozone-depleting with low global warming potential


  • Heat transfer for high temperature CPUs in data servers
  • Moderate to heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing
  • Hard disk cleaning and lubrication

3M FluorinertFluorinert is highly electrically insulating finding utility as a coolant for server stacks. By immersing the entire cabinet in the fluid, heat is dissipated from the servers through boiling making it a practical and economic solution over conventional cooling.

3M Novec – Novec is a line of  cleaners and degreasers that unlike other chemistries are non-flammable, non-toxic and safe on the environment.