Board Exposure FAQ

Frequently asked questions about board exposure

Q. What is “safelight”?
A. Light which is not strong enough to expose your board. Light emitted by a incandescent bulb of 40 watts or less. You can also use any red or yellow bug light available from your local hardware or lighting store.

Q. What is the wavelength of M. G. Chemicals exposure bulb in the Exposure Kit?
A. 375nm

Q. Can I use sunlight to expose my board?
A. Yes, but it is not recommended. Because the strength of sunlight is affected by so many factors (altitude, latitude, season, time of day, etc…) you will need to go to a photography shop and get a photometer to measure the strength of the sunlight, then you will just have to do some testing and figure out how long it takes. One word of advice, over exposing is better than underexposing, as long as the black on your artwork is solid. (Our 416-X exposure kit is the easy fool-proof way to go).

Photofabrication Process

Obtain Exposure and Photofabrication Kits Peel back protective backing off of presensitized copper clad board Place artwork on board Place acrylic weight on artwork and board Expose 5 min. with Exposure Kit Mix Developer 10:1 with water Brush developer over board (1 - 2 min) Rinse Etch with Ferric Chloride (4 - 5 min) Rinse