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MG Chemicals Rosin Activated Flux is made from pure white water gum rosin, a unique solvent system and very effective activators. The superior fluxing ability remains constant throughout the entire aeration process. This Rosin flux contains a foaming property that provides fast wetting action. It offers superior fluxing ability, instant wetting and good spreading capabilities. It features low surface tension, thermal stability and easy to remove residues. It displays excellent foaming properties and may be applied by dip, spray or brush methods. After soldering, the rosin residue left is non-corrosive, non-conductive, moisture and fungus resistant. Available in liquid or pen formats.


Catalog Number Sizes Available Description
835-P 10 ml Pen
835-100ML 125 ml (4.2 fl. oz.) Liquid
835-1L 1 L (33.8 fl. oz.) Liquid
835-4L 4 L (1 gallon) Liquid
Features Applications
  • Rosin activated Flux (RA)
  • Compatible with leaded chemistries
  • Excellent foaming characteristics
  • Superior fluxing ability
  • Instant wetting
  • Fast spreading
  • Low surface tension
  • Thermally stable
  • Excellent foaming properties
  • Non-corrosive, Non-conductive flux residue
  • Non Hygroscopic
  • Moisture and fungus resistant
  • Meets Mil. spec. #RA 14256
  • J-STD-004B compliant
  • ROMI class, J Standard
  • Printed circuit board assembly
  • Printed circuit board rework
  • Printed circuit board touch up
  • Surface mount assembly
  • Stencil soldering
  • Wave Soldering

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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